Sermon Preview – Week of July 3

This Sunday we march ahead in our journey through John’s gospel account. Our text for Sunday will be John 3:16-21. Since we spent last Sunday’s preaching time on John 3:16 we will simply review that verse and move into the rest of John’s comment that extends to 3:21. In John 3:16 we have a few categories set before us. We have God and his love, freely given to a wicked people in the form of his only Son. We also have those who believe in Jesus, and in believing they find rescue and eternal life. Then, we have a third category, those who perish. These are the people who don’t believe and in that state of unbelief they remain under the wrath of God. While John 3:16 shines a spotlight on that first category, namely God’s love, our text this week (primarily v.17-21) unpacks the second and third categories a little more. John gives us a closer look at those who believe, those who don’t, and he gives us some insight as to why this is the case for each. May the Lord bless His people with the light of His Word this week!

Sermon Title: “The Glory Of God In Judgment And Salvation”

Sermon Text: John 3:16-21

Meditation Passage: Romans 8:1-8

Call To Worship: Psalm 36:5-9

Benediction: Jude 24-25

Songs For Sunday:

Monthly Prayer Service This Wednesday Evening:
Please join us on Wednesday evening at 6:30 as we, with one accord, devote ourselves to prayer together for the mission and ministries of Grace Community!

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