Sermon Preview – Week of November 13

The preaching text for Sunday will be John 7:25-52. Jesus has left Galilee for Jerusalem, and it’s no surprise that we find him in the temple teaching. This isn’t a small ordeal, remember, we are in the middle of what is probably the most popular feast (Feast of Booths) that the Jewish people celebrate. John does a masterful job capturing all of the attitudes, dispositions and reactions to Jesus’ teaching. We see things like outright rejection, contemplation, confusion and even belief. As we’ve seen before, the one reaction that we don’t see, and will never see when it comes to Jesus is neutrality. While there is quite a lot going on in our verses this week, we can’t help but be drawn to 7:37-39. This is Jesus’ invitation, and this is something that we need to meditate on, the fact that Jesus invites. The myriad of reactions that Jesus was getting, mostly negative, didn’t lead him to pack up and leave, it leads him to invite people to believe. The same invitation is there for us today, and if we know Christ and Savior and Lord we have this invitation to offer to others. Let’s meditate on this invitation. What is the nature of this invitation? What’s the extent of the invitation? What does this invitation call us to? What is the result of this invitation? May we be drawn in to the truths of this invitation and respond accordingly!

Sermon Title: “An Invitation To The Thirsty”

Sermon Text: John 7:25-52

Meditation Passage: Ezekiel 47:1-13

Call To Worship: Psalm 103:6-19

Benediction:Philippians 4:8-9

Songs For Sunday:

Come People Of The Risen King

How Firm A Foundation

At The Cross

O Spirit, Lift Our Eyes To Jesus (NEW SONG)

O Spirit, lift our eyes to Jesus
Help us see him in your word
The Hero of our great redemption
Suffering Savior, Risen Lord.
Over clouds of sin and sorrow
Raise us up to see our King
O, make our hearts to burn within us
Open eyes, and we will sing.

O Spirit, lift our hearts to Jesus
Make His love our sole delight
With ever-living bread from heaven
Hungry beggars, satisfy
Overwhelm cold hearts with kindness
Wake us with good news of grace
O, Lift us up to taste His goodness
Come and set our souls ablaze

O Spirit, lift our hands to Jesus
Give us strength to do His will
With open arms and true compassion
His commands we would fulfill
Overcome our hearts’ resistance
With the beauty of His scars
O, Set us free for love and service
Make His hands and heart be ours

He Giveth More Grace

In Christ Alone 


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