Sermon Preview – Week of April 16

Have you ever been caught unexpectedly in a severe thunderstorm? Have you ever been amazed or even perhaps terrified at the sound of thunder and the accompanying bolts of lightening strikes and violent winds and torrential downpours that seem to threaten property, life and limb? What thoughts go through your mind at such moments? Do you marvel at the power and might of the terrible and awesome forces of nature? Are you awestruck by the sheer magnitude and destructiveness of such storms? Do the forces of nature seem capricious and random? Does it humble you, frighten you? Does it cause you to acknowledge the one who is sovereign over all creation? Is God really in control of the seeming chaos? Do you see God as the one who sends the storm?

Psalm 29, a psalm of David, is a song about just such a catastrophic storm. In graphic terms, David describes the awesome power of God in a mighty storm. Likely, he had witnessed such storms rolling in off the Mediterranean Sea, violent, wind tossed tempests over the deep waters accompanied by thunder, lightenings, torrential downpours and crashing waves. He would see the storm make landfall, whipping the mighty cedar trees to and fro like blades of grass. He would feel the very mountains tremble and  shake from the awesome power of the storm. Yet David speaks of this thunderstorm calmly and without fear. He attributes the terrible power and might and destruction of the storm to his God. He has witnessed the power of God over his enemies in battle and sees in the storm a reminder of how God brings the haughty and proud and arrogant down low. He sees God as victorious over his enemies and sovereign over all the earth. In the violent crashes of thunder he hears the very voice of God and he calls all of us to ascribe glory to his God. I invite you to consider with me the voice of God in the storm. My prayer is that as we study Psalm 29, we will see that it is a call to worship.  As we consider the voice of God in the storm, I pray that we will join all of creation and shout, “Glory”!

Preaching – Marcus Young
Sermon Title
– The Voice of God
Preaching Text – Psalm 29:1-11
Meditation Passage – Mark 4:35-41
Call to Worship Passage – Revelation 4:11
Benediction Passage – Romans 15:13

Songs for Sunday –

There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
How Great Thou Art
Our Great God
Not In Me

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