Sermon Preview – Week of June 4

The preaching text for Sunday will be John 14:15-31. This is a continuation of Jesus’ “farewell address” to the disciples in the upper room on the night he would be betrayed. The disciples are alarmed, fearful and distraught at the thought of Jesus leaving and them not being able to follow him. So, Jesus is preparing them for what’s coming and what he expects of them once he does leave. However, that isn’t all he’s doing, he’s also comforting them with promises that are filled with hope for those who would believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. Not only will Jesus go and prepare a place for his followers, and return for them to take them to himself but until that day comes the presence of God will remain with his people as another “Helper” will come. Not only is the future of God’s people secure in Jesus, but their present is secure as well. Not only do God’s people have a future hope, but we have a present hope. Jesus wants to strengthen the disciples faith and stir their affections for him by letting them know what the cross will mean for their immediate future. These truths that Jesus delivers to the disciples in the upper room are the same truths that we live in and under today. The same promises and assurances are ours in Jesus Christ today! As Jesus speaks and acts for the sake of the faith of the disciples, this account is recorded for our faith as well (20:31). May the Lord increase our faith, purify our worship and set aflame our affections for Him!

Sermon Title: “Truth For Abundant Life”

Sermon Text: John 14:15-31

Meditation Passage: Joel 2:28-32

Call To Worship: Psalm 147:1-11

Benediction: Romans 15:13

Songs For Sunday:

We Will Glorify

Before The Throne Of God Above

O Spirit Life Our Eyes To Jesus

Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery

Be Thou My Vision


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