Sermon Preview – Week of May 14

The preaching text for Sunday is John 13:18-38. Jesus has gone into the upper room with the disciples where he’s literally taken the role of a servant by washing the feet of the disciples. This act of service anticipates the greater act of service that will take place in just a handful of hours which is Jesus’ death on the cross. Not only does the foot-washing serve to show us what Jesus would do on the cross, it also serves as an example of humble service for all Christians to follow. Weaving its way in and out of John’s gospel and this chapter specifically is the fact that within the ranks of the disciples there is a traitor. Now, we know that its Judas, but the disciples don’t. One of the things going on in our text this week is Jesus exposing Judas as the one that will betray him. This ultimately triggers the cluster of actions that will lead to Jesus’ execution on the cross. After this, we see Jesus begin to prepare his disciples for what’s about to happen. Within this devoted time that Jesus spends with the disciples we are able to extract truths about how Christians are to live in this world. We are able to see and embrace divine promises made for the good of God’s people. We will also take some time to consider a memorable interchange between Jesus and Peter, which has important application for us. May we be eternally transformed by the glorious truth of God’s Word!

Sermon Title: “Yet A Little While I Am With You”

Sermon Text: John 13:18-38

Meditation Passage: Psalm 41

Call To Worship: Lamentations 3:22-24

Benediction: 1 Peter 4:10-11

Songs For Sunday:

Come People Of The Risen King

All My Ways Are Known To You

Holy Spirit Living Breath Of God

And Can It Be

His Mercy Is More


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