Sermon Preview – Week of May 7

The preaching text for Sunday will be John 13:1-17. Jesus has hidden himself from the population at large, and in preparation for his betrayal, arrest, trial and execution, he retreats inward to give some devoted attention to his disciples. This is what we will see play out over the next few chapters (13-16). Jesus is preparing his disciples for what is to come, namely his death and resurrection and then his departing to be at the Father’s side. Jesus will prepare the disciples for what life will look like following Jesus when he isn’t walking this earth with them. Jesus begins by doing something very shocking, he washes the feet of the disciples. Now, if you’ve been around the Church for very long there is a good chance you’ve heard this story, been exhorted to take up the example of Jesus. Maybe you’ve even experienced settings where these events were recreated, where people were literally washing each others feet. This account is burned into the fabric of the Church, it has echoed and continues to echo throughout Christian history. This is for good reason, what we see in our text this week has both future and present implications for all Christians everywhere. In other words, the force of what Jesus was doing in that room the night before his death with the disciples is every bit as strong today as it was then. What he meant to say to the disciples that night, he means to say to us now. In washing of the disciples feet Jesus is communicating the heart of his earthly ministry and the heart of the believer’s life in following him. May we come into contact with both of those things in transforming ways this week!

Sermon Title: “He Loved Them To The End”

Sermon Text: John 13:1-17

Meditation Passage: Romans 15:1-7

Call To Worship: Psalm 139:1-14

Responsive Reading: Philippians 2:3-11

Benediction: 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13

Songs For Sunday:

All My Ways Are Known To You (NEW SONG)

In days of peace and days of rest
In times of loss and loneliness
Though rich or poor, Your word is true
That all my ways are known to You

No trial has come beyond Your hand
No step I walk beyond Your plan
The path is dark outside my view
Still all my ways are known to You


And oh what peace that I have found
Wherever I may be
For all my ways are known to You
Hallelujah, they are known to You!

I do not fear the final night
For death will be the door to life
You take my hand and lead me through
For all my ways are known to You

Dear Refuge Of My Weary Soul

Wonderful Merciful Savior

Jesus Paid It All

My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness



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