Steadfast Love in the Battle

“In your steadfast love give me life,
that I may keep the testimonies of your mouth.” Psalm 119.88

We must keep this prayer in context, lest we miss the true meaning of it. This prayer would surely be beneficial to ponder and affirm in any time. Still, when we realize that this prayer comes at the end of a stanza expressing deep despair, we understand the true beauty of it.

Again, as we have seen time and again in this psalm, the writer expresses his dependence. He longs to keep the word of God, to guard his life and doctrine from the temptations he faces. Still, he knows that God must empower him to do so. So, he prays expectantly because of the steadfast love of God.

As we’ve gone through this particular stanza, perhaps you’ve wondered how it’s possible to continue to endure, to continue to cling to God’s word in the face of mounting adversity. Perhaps you’re like the psalmists—weary from battling the forces of evil. If so, take heart. The power you seek is found in God. He can enable you to cling to his testimonies. He can strengthen you for the battle through Scripture. Cling to him and his steadfast love, friend!

How are you seeking the Lord for life? For the power to keep his word? How are you daily recognizing him as the one who enables your life and godliness? Take some time in prayer to affirm your dependence on him and renew your devotion to his word.

Heavenly Father, we die without you. Be gracious to us, O God. In your kindness give us life, cause us to hunger and thirst for your righteousness, a true righteousness that is grounded in your word. Amen.

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