The Source of Biblical Discernment

“I do not turn aside from your rules,
for you have taught me.” Psalm 119.102

In this verse, as well as verse 101, the psalmist is extolling the value of biblical wisdom by specifically pointing to the discernment it gives. He focuses on how the word of God gives him wisdom to live uprightly in the world.

Previously, he stated that in a positive sense, stating that he holds his feet from turning to any evil way. Here he gives the flip-side of that coin, stating the negative. He does not turn aside from God’s rules. He shows such commitment to biblical wisdom because of his esteem of God, his teacher.

His discernment of how best to live is not based on his own understanding. It is not based on worldly influences (98), earthly educators (99), or even the most experienced people in the world (100). His discernment comes from God. Because of that, he is committed to obey.

Where does your discernment come from? In what ways are you guided by worldly influences, earthly wisdom, or human experiences? Examine your heart. How do you let these influences supersede the authority of biblical truth in your thinking and actions? Commit yourself to biblical teaching and faithful obedience.

Almighty God, maker of the heavens and earth, teach us your truth. Guard us, dear Lord, from being guided by human wisdom. Give us an understanding of your truth and strengthen our commitment to obey your word. Amen.

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