The Walk of Blessing

Blessed are those whose way is blameless,
who walk in the law of the Lord!” Psalm 119.1

Would you like to be blessed—to be the recipient of the divine favor of the Lord?

Psalm 119, this epic prayer extolling the Word of God, begins by giving a clear path to that blessing. The psalmist cries out “How blessed.” It’s an exclamation of the unmatched favor of God poured out on a person. So, how does one receive this favor? How can you be sure you’re a target of God’s sovereign blessing?

The psalmist clearly describes the recipient of this blessing and favor, “those whose way is blameless.” Ouch. The weight of this standard crushes the reader like the hammer crushes the sword laid on the anvil. Blameless? Just how tight a standard is that? It’s the same word Scripture uses of the animals qualified to be offered as sacrifice—without blemish, without spot, blameless. It’s a remarkable standard. The measuring line is perfection.

So, how does one achieve that standard? Keep reading, and you’ll find the psalmist quickly gives the answer to that obvious question. Those who are blessed . . . those whose way is blameless . . . are those who walk in the law of the Lord. God blesses those who walk in (that is, the pattern of their life exhibits adherence to) His law. Here the psalmist evokes the covenant name of God—Yahweh. Those who keep the law of the God of the covenant receive the unmatched blessings of His lovingkindness.

So, friend, how are you living? How is your walk? Are you living according to God’s word, seeing His rich blessings in your life?

Lord, help us to walk according to Your Word today; help us to see and understand the blessings of such a walk. Be glorified in our obedience, dear Lord. Amen.

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