The Word on Companionship

“I am a companion of all who fear you,
of those who keep your precepts.” Psalm 119.63

There are plenty of groups to be a part of, plenty of ways to identify with other people. You could be a part of a particular sports team’s fan base. You might be affiliated with a particular political party. Perhaps you identify as a book lover, coffee enthusiast, cyclist, or Crossfitter. Maybe you’re part of the local trade union, rotary club, moms’ group, or softball team.

We’re prone to come together with those people with whom we share interests with. But, in this verse, the psalmist highlights what should guide our choice of companions. As believers, as those who love God and His Word, our closest relationships ought to be with those who share that love.

Before we align ourselves politically or based on some other worldly interest, we ought to align ourselves with those who fear the Lord, those who seek to live their lives according to God’s revealed truth. A commitment to the Scripture should guide all aspects of our lives, especially whom we associate with. This doesn’t mean we avoid or refuse any relationship with unbelievers. It simply guides who we put our our trust and confidence in for close relationships.

Who are your closest companions? How do they demonstrate a fear of the Lord and a desire to keep his commandments? In what ways does your commitment to Christ drive your friendships?

Heavenly Father, you are our truest love, our closest companion. Your Word is the guide of our life. Give us wisdom, as we select our companions in this world. May we rejoice in fellowship with those who love you and keep your commandments. Amen.

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