Transformed by the Word

“Therefore I consider all your precepts to be right;
I hate every false way.” Psalm 119.128

This verse ends the current stanza, and serves as a culmination of a string of statements that build upon one another. The poet has seen that God’s righteousness and justice compel God to act when his law is broken (126). Because of that, he loves the law of God more than fine gold (127). Now, because of that love, he considers all of the Lord’s precepts to be right and hates every false way.

This string of verses offers a helpful illustration of how our minds our renewed and our lives are brought into alignment with God’s word. When we understand the perfections of God, we love his word, we long to obey his precepts for our lives, and we begin to hate all that is contrary to Scripture. All of this is dependent upon—as the psalmist has revealed time and again—the Lord granting us an understanding of him and his word (125).

How are you seeking the Lord for such an understanding? In what ways has your understanding of God affected your thinking on his word? What areas of your life show this process of transformation, as you have your mind renewed, begin to love God’s word, and begin to hate what is contrary to God?

Lord, in the abundance of your grace and for your name’s sake, we plead with you to renew our minds. Teach us, heavenly Father, to love your precepts, to devote our lives to faithful obedience, and to hate all that is contrary to your word. Amen.

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