Understanding God’s Goodness

“Teach me good judgment and knowledge,
for I believe in your commandments.” Psalm 119.66

As the inspired poet continues to consider the kind dealings of the Lord, he again appeals to God for teaching. This highlights one of God’s greatest kindnesses to us. That God has given us his Word is gracious. Giving us understanding of that revelation is exceedingly kind and gracious.

This is both an expression of thankfulness and dependence. The psalmist is thankful for God’s Word, and he knows his utter need for God to give him knowledge and understanding. He believes God’s commandments. He knows that they are the best guide for life. Still, he recognizes his need for understanding.

This need is true of all of us. Scripture reveals the infinite God to people with finite minds. We are incapable of understanding biblical truth apart from God’s gracious, kind illumination. We must pursue understanding by faith and recognize that God is the source of our understanding. When he gives us insight into Scripture, we must never become proud or puffed up. Instead, we should praise the Lord for his kindness to us.

How have you seen the Lord give you knowledge and judgement from his Word? Spend time today praising him for that gracious gift.

God of truth and wisdom, we praise you for the grace you have shown us in revealing yourself to us. Teach us from your Word, O Lord, that we might live faithfully and uprightly. May your name be praise in our lives. Amen.

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