Understanding God’s Word and Works

“Make me understand the way of your precepts,
and I will meditate on your wondrous works.” Psalm 119.27

We continue through this section of confession and lament by the psalmist. He’s called out to the Lord for life, though his soul cleaves to the dust. He has confessed his sins and begun to call on the Lord to align his thinking and life with Scripture. In this verse, he continues that plea. As he has done many times in this psalm, he again demonstrates a dependence on the Lord for understanding.

He desire to grow in his understanding of God’s precepts—the Lord’s commands governing man’s actions and conducts. All believers should share this desire. We should long to know how to live according to God’s Word. As Christians, Christ is our Lord. As such, his commands should be our delight. We should remain ever eager to understand them.

The psalmist also expresses a desire to meditate on the wondrous works of God. Here again, he lays before us an inspired model for devotion. When we think on the wondrous works of God, seen so clearly in his Word, our love for him deepens. Our desire to serve him grows. The passion we have to obey intensifies.

How does your life reflect a desire to know God’s precepts—and align your character and conduct with them? In what ways have you seen God’s wondrous works in your life? How much time do you devote to meditating on the works of God seen in Scripture?

Lord, your righteousness is our desire. Make us understand your truth, your precepts, your desire for our lives. May we meditate deeply on your wondrous works, that our love for you and your word may grow. Amen.

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