Unlimited Perfection

“I have seen a limit to all perfection,
but your commandment is exceedingly broad.” Psalm 119.96

The psalmist has seen an end to everything’s perfection. He’s already lamented his sin in this psalm, revealing that he is not perfect. He’s certainly seen the end of the world’s perfection, as he’s spoken long about the world’s attacks against him. Everything he has seen, everything he has experienced has seen an end—that is, it’s come short of true perfection.

There is one exception to this—the word of God. He has searched it, knows it, and has found no fault in it. God’s commandments are perfection without end.

Dwell on this truth for a minute. The best the world has to offer—whether you’re talking about architecture, beauty, strength, power, wisdom—is, at best, imperfect. Just think, there is no sculptor that can match the perfection of the Rocky Mountains, no artist that can contrive all the colors you can see in a sunset. God’s design is far better in everything, especially his design for how we live our lives. His commandments are perfect.

In what ways are you prone to seek worldly wisdom over the wisdom of God’s word? How often do you reflect on the perfection of God’s revelation, his commands for your life? Thank him for his perfect word and renew your devotion to it.

Our perfect God, the only perfect being, we praise you for your perfection. We thank you for giving us your perfect word. In your great kindness, reveal to us those ways which we choose the imperfect over you and your word. Lead us in repentance, O Lord. Amen.

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