Urgent Prayer

“I rise before dawn and cry for help;
I hope in your words.” Psalm 119.147

This verse sings of the psalmist’s urgency in prayer and devotion. He has shown his devotion in prayer, praying from his whole heart (145). He has shown the content of his prayer, his desperation for salvation (146). Now, he demonstrates his urgency.

He rises early, giving up the comfort of sleep. His prayer continues to be one of dependence. He cries for help. This is a picture of urgent prayer. May we all recognize our need, our desperate need, for the Lord to help us. And, may we eagerly seek him.

Having prayed, the psalmist finds hope. He knows the Lord from studying and meditating long on God’s word. He knows the Lord will answer his prayers. So, having risen early to pray, he has hope. The psalmist’s hope is full and confident because of what he knows about God from the Word of God.

How urgent are your prayers? In what ways does your life demonstrate a priority of praying and studying the Word of God? Would your prayers be characterized as urgent cries for help? How does God’s Word affect the content of your prayer and your hope in your prayers being answered? Consider rising early tomorrow to pray. 

Gracious God, we call unto you. Give us an urgency in prayer. Cause us to rise early and bring our prayers to you. Cause your Word to take root in our thinking and affections, that our hope would always be in you alone. Amen.

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