“It is time for the Lord to act,
for your law has been broken.” Psalm 119.126

This prayer provides another profound example of the psalmist’s trust in the Lord. He knows that the law of God has been violated. He has spoken numerous times in this psalm of the wicked, insolent enemies attacking him. Notice though, that he doesn’t seek his own vindication.

Instead of seeking revenge, he seeks the Lord’s justice. His offense is that the law of God has been violated, and he expects the Lord to act in justice. This is a stunning contrast to how the world acts. It’s contrary to our own fleshly instincts. When we are wronged, we tend to react, to seek our own retribution, to seek vengeance. 

Instead, the psalmist knows the ultimate offense is against God and does not seek to act himself, but looks for the Lord to act. What an amazing example! We must not seek our own vengeance, but leave it to the Lord (Romans 12.19).

When you see sin around you, when the sins of others harms you, what’s your reaction? Are you offended because the holy law of God has been broken, or because you’ve been personally hurt? Home do you look to for justice? How do you define justice?

Gracious Lord, your are perfectly righteous and just. Give us a passion for your righteousness, for your justice. May we not seek our own vengeance, our own recompense. This world has rejected you, rejected your law. Act, O Lord. Draw men unto yourself. Amen.

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