Week of January 1

This Sunday we have the blessing of worshiping with our To Every Tribe missionary families. Matt and Ashley Klockenga with their two daughters Gracie and Emma, and Ron and Jen Keres with their two sons Owen and Graham. They will be with us for congregational worship on Sunday morning, and back with us Sunday evening for dinner and an update on all that is happening in their ministry in Northern Ontario. Ron will be preaching on Sunday and his preaching text will come from Jonah 4. Take some time this week to read through Jonah 4 (the whole book really, it’s not long) in preparation for hearing the preaching of the Word on Sunday.

Sermon Title“Losing Sight Of The Mission”

Sermon Text – Jonah 4

Meditation Passage – Matthew 9:35-38

Call To Worship – Psalm 57:9-11

Benediction – Colossians 3:15-17

Songs for Sunday

Let Your Kingdom Come

And Can It Be

My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness

It Is Well 

He Will Hold Me Fast

Take My Life And Let It Be

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