Week of November 21

Thank you all so much for your prayers and well-wishes! I am feeling much better today and really looking forward to being back with you all this coming Lord’s Day. This Sunday, we will take another shot at Philippians 3:1-7. Here is the preview from last week.

Paul lays out a very clear warning for his beloved brothers and sisters in Christ in Philippi. Just as it is today, it was not uncommon in the first century for false teachers to travel from town to town spreading a false gospel. It just so happens that Paul is very familiar with this brand of false gospel. The false teachers that Paul is warning the Church to be on the look out for seems to be a group of Judaizers. Judaizers would mix the notion of faith in Christ for salvation with the idea that, to truly belong to the people of God, one must keep the Jewish law. In other words, if Gentiles wanted to become Christians they really needed to become Jews. They needed to be circumcised, they needed to keep the food laws and follow all of the ritual and ceremonial laws that Moses handed down at Mt. Sinai. Paul is warning them to be on the look out for this and to reject it with every fiber of their being. So, to help them, he reminds them who the true people of God are, what they look like and how they live. He reminds them that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone. This warning is part of Paul’s pastoral ministry to the Church in Philippi, it is his devotion to work for their progress and joy in the faith. May we heed the warning of this text and may we cling to its grace for our own progress and joy in the faith!


Sermon Title : “Put No Confidence In The Flesh”

Sermon Text: Philippians 3:1-7

Meditation Passage: Jeremiah 9:23-26

Call To Worship: Psalm 100

Benediction: Numbers 6:24-26


Songs For Sunday

We Will Glorify

To God Be The Glory

He Leadeth Me

Rock Of Ages

How Great Thou Art

Jesus Paid It All


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