Weekly Roundup – December 15

R.C. Sproul (February, 13 1939-December, 14 2017): A Bright And Burning Light

R.C. Sproul went to be with the Lord yesterday and this is Al Mohler’s tribute. I am so thankful to God for R.C. Sproul’s life and ministry. His life, preaching and teaching have been a constant source of encouragement and growth for me personally and in ministry. What joy it must be for him now to have faith become sight!

Far As The Curse Is Found

“Many Christians would be surprised, and perhaps even disappointed, to learn that the song often cited as our favorite Christmas carol is not actually a Christmas carol at all. The famed hymn writer Isaac Watts published “Joy to the World” in 1719. Millions of Christians sing this great hymn at Christmas, celebrating the great news of the incarnation and declaring “let earth receive her king.” “Let every heart, prepare him room, and heaven and angels sing.” At Christmas we celebrate the incarnation of Christ, the coming of Jesus in Bethlehem. But “Joy to the World,” though sung rightly and triumphantly at Christmas, is really about the Second Coming of Christ.”….

The Road I Would Never Choose: Learning To Follow Where God Leads

“At some point in life, many of us find ourselves on a path that we would have never chosen. Once on that path, we are always faced with a choice. We can frantically search for a way out, or embrace the path God has chosen for us.”….

What A Stupid Bumper Sticker Can Tell Us About American Christianity

“I usually pay little attention to bumper stickers, especially those posted on social media. Last week, though, I found my ire raised by a photograph posted online by journalist Kelsey Dallas. The image featured a car at a post office near her, placarded with the message: “If Jesus Had a Gun, He’d Still Be Alive Today.” My first reaction was to roll my eyes and sigh, “Jesus is alive today.” After a while though I wondered if this bumper sticker might be about more than just a silly slogan. Maybe it encapsulates something frighteningly true about American evangelical Christianity.”…

Do Christians Have To Obey The Old Testament Laws?

Short video from Tom Schreiner


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