Weekly Roundup – December 21

Peace On Earth

“Do you long for peace? Do you feel stressed and anxious, burdened by all kinds of pressures and fears? Here’s a promise from the word of God that is tailor-made for you. Here our Heavenly Father promises peace to certain people. What is this peace? In English we tend to think of peace as the absence of strife. Peace comes when fighting stops. Or think of the harrassed young mother who begs her children for five minutes’ peace—five minutes of nothing: no shouting, crying, whinging or squabbling. The biblical concept of peace is much richer….”

Why You Should Live In The Psalms

“In our distracted and fast-paced world, many Christians struggle to gain depth in our spiritual lives. If our devotions happen, they are usually hurried, so we don’t often make the unhurried time that we need to soak in God’s word and linger before God in prayer that we so desperately need. The result is that we often evidence a weak and shallow Christianity. We may be able to fake depth for a while, but eventually, the hard times come and expose us for who we really are. The Psalms provide a welcome antidote to our craving for shallowness. The Psalms, which seem so easy to understand on the surface, invite us to deep study and contemplation. They show the blessing of cultivating a deep and abiding trust in the Lord and beckon us to leave behind our life of distraction so we can know and love God more deeply. Here five reasons that our hurried and forgetful hearts need to live in the Psalms for a while….”

If The Lord Marks Iniquities, Who Should Stand?

“If God requires perfect righteousness and perfect holiness to survive His perfect judgment, then we are left with a serious problem. Either we rest our hope in our own righteousness, which is altogether inadequate, or we flee to another’s righteousness, an alien righteousness, a righteousness not our own inherently. The only place such perfect righteousness can be found is in Christ—that is the good news of the gospel….”

Spuregeon’s 15 Tips For A Deep And Effective Prayer Life

Worth a read and some contemplation.


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