Weekly Roundup – December 8

You Are Never More Justified Than The Moment You First Believed

A short video from Sinclair Ferguson. Worth a couple of minutes of your time!

Maximizing The Benefit Of Corporate Worship

“Like my son who is eager to grow taller and stronger, each of us should be yearning to grow spiritually in our knowledge of the Lord and our devotion to Him.  This happens privately, in our personal times of Bible study and prayer, as well as in the context of our families.  It also happens publicly in times of corporate worship in the local church. Unfortunately, though, we often fail to connect these different contexts of worship. With this in mind, here are some suggestions for connecting private worship, family worship, and corporate worship in the local church, all for the purpose of maximizing our spiritual growth….”

Eight Ways To Become More Humble

“At every stage of our Christian development, and in every sphere of our Christian discipleship, pride is our greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend – John Stott…”

Worth The Wait

“On that blank page in between the Old and New Testaments in my Bible, I have a message written out: “Four hundred years of silence. Waiting. Watching. Hoping.””…


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