Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – January 20

I am gathering articles that I have previously read and kept, or am reading throughout the week that will encourage, challenge and teach us in a wide range of areas. The plan is to provide two, three, maybe four articles at the end of each week, things you can read over the weekend. My hope in doing this is that it will give us another context to think about things that are “excellent and worthy of praise” (Philippians 4:8). I am praying that it creates opportunities for us to talk with one another about things that are eternally significant and centered around the gospel. I hope it is helpful, may God be glorified and His Church edified!


22 Ideas To Help Your Children Study And Love The Bible

“For the last few years, I’ve been gathering the ideas we’ve found helpful for nurturing our children’s interest and skill in reading the Bible. My children don’t yet read the Bible voraciously, and I’m still asking God for wisdom, but perhaps some of our approaches may encourage you to try some new ideas with your own family.”

Why Congregational Singing Matters Today More Than Ever

“Singing is an act of obedience; we gather and sing because we’re called to. Like telling the truth. Like loving our wives and our children. Like loving our neighbor as ourselves. These may seem like bold statements, but consider this: Singing is a real and tangible expression of loving the Lord with our whole hearts and our whole selves, and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Singing is also a privilege, a foretaste of heaven. After all, one day in the future every tribe, language, nation, and people will sing as one congregation before the throne of the risen Lamb. Until then, we find a microcosm of that day in the unimpressive form of congregational worship. As we anticipate the matchless glories of heaven, there’s immeasurable value in our singing together on earth.”

When A Christian Feels Dry: A Simple Practice

“If you know life in Christ, you know languishing in Christ. We all go through dry seasons. The Christian life is never lived from mountain top to mountain top. Every saint has known lackluster days in relationship with the Lord. God doesn’t feel close. You have His peace, but are not peaceful. You know His love, but are not enjoying His love. Your spiritual life isn’t dead, but it is dull. What is the answer? What is a Christian to do?”

How William Tyndall Changed The World

“On October 6, 1536, William Tyndale was burned at the stake. He was only forty-two years old or so at the time, but the work he had already accomplished in those four decades of life would change the world. You’ve probably seen the bumper sticker: “If you can read, thank a teacher.” Another bumper sticker—or Bible sticker, perhaps—would be every bit as appropriate: “If you can read the Bible in English, thank William Tyndall.”

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