Weekly Roundup – January 12

Ask Ligonier: A Place For Answers

This is an interesting new resource that Ligonier is providing. Essentially, any time you have a Bible or theological question you can ask (whatever it is) and someone on the Ligonier team will be available to answer. Great new resource!

Are There Degrees Of Rewards & Punishment In Heaven & Hell?

Quick video answer from Dr. Steve Wellum.

Seduced By A Comfortable Life

“Most of us reading this are affluent compared to global averages, and have privileges that other people around the world only dream of. These are good gifts from God, given out of his kindness and grace, and we ought to thank him for them. But has it become too much of a good thing? Is it possible that some of us have become too comfortable?….”

Hudson Taylor’s Remarkable Christian Conversion

“Hudson Taylor was the eminent nineteenth century pioneer missionary to inland China. The story of Hudson’s Christian conversion through the prayerful influence of his mother is somewhat well known and quite extraordinary. But that is only part of the story in a broader series of events that comprised God’s gracious and remarkable workings to draw Hudson Taylor to Jesus Christ as his Savior. Here’s the rest of the true story:….”


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