Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – April 14

A Biblical Theology Of Resurrection

“But one of the most fascinating things about Easter is that the theme of resurrection is not something that takes the New Testament by surprise. In fact, if you study the Old Testament carefully, you will see all sorts of allusions that all point to Christ’s eventual defeat of the grave on Easter Sunday, and here to explain those connections on this is Dr. Don Carson, who is kind enough to join us again….”

The Right Way To Meditate On Christ’s Sufferings

“We must let the Passion narratives of Scripture do their work and terrify us with the Law. But we must not remain in its darkness forever. We must turn at length to the light of the Gospel, to hear Christ calling, even as we crucify him, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). We must, in the end, “see our sins laid on Christ and see Him triumph by His Resurrection,” Luther writes. “This is how we know God as He wants us to know Him. We know Him not by His power and wisdom, which terrify us, but by His goodness and love. There our faith and confidence stands unmovable….”

God Died On The Cross

“God did not take the easy way out, or save us in a way that leaves him untouched by the depth of human suffering. We can be confident that the Almighty One went to the uttermost limits to accomplish our rescue….”

Did Jesus Ever Experience Doubt?

“Christ’s suffering is a consolation to us not because he partakes of our same sinful humanity but because he remained steadfast so that he could redeem our sinful humanity. His faithfulness is our hope, not his faltering (which he never in fact did)….”

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