Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – April 21


Smartphone Addiction And Our Spiritual ADD

It’s simple, if you have a smartphone you need to read this!

“If I am being honest, I have to admit that my iPhone habits have been largely unchecked, undisciplined, and unhealthy. And in a survey of 8,000 of our readers, many of you honestly admit the same struggle….”

Intrusive Neighbor

This confronts our comfort and challenges us to trust the Lord in being a faithful neighbor. It is also, perhaps, the most effective way we engage the mission of seeing our community impacted with the gospel.

“Most people today believe a “good neighbor” is one who causes no trouble, poses no interruption, and in general keeps to himself. The modern motto of a good neighbor is, “Do no harm.” He works hard at making no interruption in the lives of those around him. This seems to be the general sentiment for many, and it misses the biblical mark by a mile…”

What George Mueller Can Teach Us About Prayer

What a blessing the saints of old are! They have a way of taking something that we complicate and making it simple, and in its simplicity we see God’s amazing hand at work.

“Mueller had over fifty thousand specific recorded answers to prayers in his journals, thirty thousand of which he said were answered the same day or the same hour that he prayed them. Think of it: that’s five hundred definite answers to prayer each year—more than one per day—every single day for sixty years! God funneled over half a billion dollars (in today’s dollars) through his hands in answer to prayer…”


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