Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – April 28

Do Paul And James Disagree On Justification By Faith Alone?

A longstanding question with a clear answer that God’s people need to know (for their own hearts and witness to the gospel). Dr. Thomas Schreiner helpfully walks us through in resolving the apparent tension.

Sweetness Of Prayer In The Bitterness Of Life

It is true, the sweetest relief from the bitter circumstances of life is prayer. The weak and wounded child depending on, clinging to the strong and faithful Father in heaven.

“The Christian life is filled with many sorrows–many trials and disappointments. In the midst of those problems, persecutions, disappointments, and discouragements–do not lose hope. Persevere in prayer. Seek sweetness in prayer. When prayers seem to go unanswered, continue to pray by faith that Christ would see you through the trial at hand, because he will! The bitterness is for a season for the believer; and the sweetness is for an eternity….”

Lord, Deliver Me From Distraction

This article provides a simple and extremely helpful definition of “distraction”. It is also filled with heart penetrating statements, too many for me to provide in this preview. This is an article that will do us all well to read.

“Since the fall of man, people have had trouble staying focused, but we live today in an age of unprecedented distraction. Since you’re already reading this on some electronic device, I don’t need to elaborate. Lots of experts are talking about the negative effects this is having on us. Many of us feel it: the buzzing brain, the attention atrophy, the diminishing tolerance for reading, especially reading books. We’re becoming conditioned to distraction, and it’s harming our ability to listen and think carefully, to be still, to pray, and to meditate. Which means it is a spiritual danger, an evil from which we need God’s deliverance….”

How To Read The Bible For Yourself

This doesn’t give us an exhaustive list of things to be doing. It provides us with a few helpful things to practice when we read the Bible. Particularly helpful here are the questions we are encouraged to ask of the text.

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