Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – August 4

How Young Can A Child Be Saved?

Another good question, and another good answer! Really appreciate this series by Southern Seminary.

Why We Sing With The Lights On

This article gets a resounding yes and amen from me!

“I’m a pastor at a church plant primarily comprised of Millenials in an up-and-coming city. Our church is a prime candidate for loud, attractive music sung in a dimly lit room with an impressive worship team. Yet the music sung in our service isn’t loud, not necessarily attractive, and though it is extremely impressive to us, it wouldn’t be so to many outside our congregation. Furthermore, we sing in a completely lit room; no lasers, no candles, no dimmed lights, or anything of the sort. While this might sound strange to some who find themselves in the same age bracket as our congregants, we do it on purpose – out of conviction. So then, why do we sing with the lights on and why would I consider this important enough to be the topic of this article? Here are a few reasons….”

4 Reasons You Should Add A Regular Prayer Service To Your Church Calendar

We don’t need to add one, we meet for prayer the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM…but here are four reasons we should attend the prayer service regularly.

Learning How To Love And Disagree With Our Neighbors

A really helpful approach to the tension that we probably all feel in some way if we are reaching out to those around us.

“Our nation has started sorting itself out according to political affiliation. Conservatives and liberals break off into different communities and only cross paths online. Instead of following this trend, followers of Jesus should labor to have people in our lives who don’t agree with us about important issues. We don’t run away from tough conversations with people; instead, we listen carefully and speak graciously. In doing so, we will stand out as members of the kingdom of heaven in the kingdom of this present evil age….”




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