Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – June 23

8 Rules For Growing In Godliness: Rule #7: Fellowship With Godly People

“An ember left alone will soon grow cold, but embers set close together will continue to glow, to burn brightly, and even to set others ablaze. Christians resemble embers, for we, too, must be set close together to thrive. “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise” (Proverbs 13:20), which means that those who walk with the godly become godly.” In fact, whoever longs to be godly must walk with the godly, for God has decreed that godliness will not be attained in isolation, but in community….”

Why Refusing To Resolve Conflict Hinders Prayer

“Some sins are more passive than active. We may call these sins of omission rather than sins of commission because they are all about what we don’t do. These sins involve neglecting (and sometimes refusing) to do what is right rather than willfully doing what is plainly forbidden. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave pointed warnings against areas of neglect that are especially pertinent to this matter of unanswered prayer. Mishandling these warnings severely damages not only our horizontal relationships with others, but also our familial relationship with the Father and consequently the effectiveness of our prayers. One such area is the delay of conflict resolution….”

When The Darkness Doesn’t Yield

“Recently I went through a deeper experience of sadness. It wasn’t as terrible as what some Christians endure, but it wasn’t mild, either. Sometimes it felt fierce and unrelenting, like a wave crashing over me. How do we find God in such seasons? Here are some spiritual practices that I’d recommend….”

3-2-1: The Story of God, The World, And You (A Simple Gospel Explanation)

John Piper says, “If I could sit with an unbeliever today and watch a gospel presentation, we would watch this.”


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