Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – June 30

8 Rules For Growing In Godliness: Rule #8: Purpose To Be Godly

“Our purpose is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Godliness is the path to pleasure, for by godliness we glorify God, and in glorifying God, we enjoy God. There is no greater pleasure than close fellowship with our Creator and, therefore, no higher purpose than godliness….”

How Do I Overcome My Fear Of Evangelism?

Another short video that I found extremely helpful!

A Spiritual Barometer Check

“It is not always easy to discern where we are at in the Christian faith. Am I more mature today than I was yesterday, last week, or last year? Do I cherish Christ more? Am I storing treasures in heaven? Or is my heart set upon the things of earth and my love for Christ is waning? One of the easiest ways to assess ourselves is to examine our love for all the saints….”

What Thoughts Keep You Up At Night?

“I refer to them as my “3 a.m. moments.” Something stirs me from slumber, and a slew of thoughts compete for space in my mind. The minutes crawl, sleep seems distant, and the light of dawn is heavily cloaked. Some nights, I’m assaulted by memories of past sins: careless words, lingering glances, simmering bitterness. Other nights, I worry about the future: the demands of the next day, the uncertainties of the next decade. In these moments, my carefully constructed façade crumbles, my soul is laid bare, and my hidden fears are exposed. My mind is overwhelmed by a cacophony of questions that demand answers. And it’s in these moments that God is teaching me to sing with the psalmist….”


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