Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – March 3

What The Transgender Debate Means For The Church

This is so helpful in informing us about a real life, real time cultural issue. It is also helpful in equipping us as to how we should be thinking, praying and responding as the Church.

“We Christians believe that all of us are sinners, and that none of us are freaks. We conclude that all of us are called to repentance, and part of what repentance means is to receive the gender with which God created us, even when that’s difficult. We must affirm that God loves all persons, and that the gospel is good news for repentant prodigal sons and daughters, including for those who have trouble figuring out which is which…”

8 Things North American Believers Can Learn From Believers Around The World

Yes, and Amen, I think all eight of these are thoughtful and true!

“In my various roles, I’ve been privileged to travel the world, talk to global brothers and sisters in Christ, and learn from them. I may be the professor, but they always teach me. Here are some things we North American Christians can learn from them…”

Prayer Isn’t Magic

I can’t think of a day or week that goes by where I don’t need this kind of reminder and encouragement concerning prayer.

“No, prayer isn’t magic. Prayer in practice is simply talking to God. We don’t need to make it more complicated than that. Of course, prayer is heavy-duty stuff; it is the act by which we say “Here I am” in response to God’s calling our name, our peeking up from behind the bushes a la Adam and Eve in response to God’s “Where are you?” Prayer is the act that, through Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, puts us in the open embrace of the Father who listens with love. You can kneel, you can stand, you can sit, you can recline. You can clasp your hands or lift them. You can bow your head or raise it to heaven. You can close your eyes or behold creation. You can pray aloud or in your head. However you are going about it, we can’t complicate the act itself by ignoring the simplicity that all of it is talking to God…”

How Well Do You Know Jesus?

WOW, DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE!! I watched this 12 minute video clip and my heart’s attention was gripped by the majesty and beauty of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, I read the audio transcript and I was floored by the grandeur and grace of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In a little over 20 minutes time (watching then reading) my heart was drawn rest in and worship our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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