Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – May 5

How Do You Pray Without Ceasing?

This is a four minute video where Don Whitney gives, what I think at least, is the best answer I’ve heard regarding this question.

8 Rules For Growing In Godliness

This is an introduction to an 8 part series that I find extremely helpful. Over the next eight weeks, I’ll post each of these articles.

  1. Trust the Means of Grace
  2. Guard Against Worldliness
  3. Think Holy Thoughts
  4. Watch for Temptation
  5. Ponder the Brevity of Life
  6. Redeem Your Time
  7. Fellowship with Godly People
  8. Purpose To Be Godly

“These are eight rules for growing in godliness, not eight secrets or eight riddles. God makes plain to us the way to holiness, the path to conformity with his Son. We teach every child to plant a seed, to rely on sun and water, to watch with excitement and anticipation until the seed bursts out of the soil to grow into a tall, strong plant. So we must teach every Christian to rely on the means through which God nourishes and strengthens his people, causing them to grow up in holiness and godliness. I hope you’ll join me as we examine them together….”

Creating A Culture Of Hospitality

Though often neglected, hospitality is one of the best ways to build genuine relationships within the Church, care for one another, and minister the gospel to the lost. The thoughts in this article are very practical, worth our time and consideration.

“Church doesn’t just happen on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. We all know that. In our busy and self-isolating culture, we have to make intentional, personal contact with each other if we want to be a real community. But how do we do it? Let me suggest one centuries-old method: invite people over….”

Why I Preach Through Books Of The Bible

Seeing that we are starting a new book this Sunday, I thought this was appropriate. If you’ve ever wondered why we are committed to preaching through books of the Bible this article gives you five reasons why.

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