Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – November 3

Fishers Of Men

“When Jesus came upon the two brothers, Simon and Andrew, repairing their nets by the Sea of Galilee, he spoke to them those familiar words found in Matthew 4:19. “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” My experience has shown me that the words are familiar to the church, but the actual work perhaps not so much. How might we better understand the words so the work can be more accessible to us?….”

Church As An Extended Family

“The point of church is not for everyone to know everyone. The point is for everyone to be known….”

When We Question Our Decisions

“If I just hadn’t . . . It’s a thought that, at points of struggle or doubt, has plagued me. It’s crept into my quiet times, my car rides and my sleepless nights. Sometimes our decisions don’t seem very big, while other times they seem hugely definitive. We choose to keep fighting for that visa to move to a certain place, or we choose to stay in the States. Or we choose to move somewhere else altogether. We choose to stay or to go, and where to go, and it alters the course of our lives and the lives of others. And sometimes, a few miles down the road, when things seem grim, we turn back in hindsight and wonder, What if I’d picked differently? Would it have been better? Could I have avoided some of the struggle?….”

Spurgeon’s Secret For Raising Godly Children

Here are thirteen quotes by Spurgeon about raising Godly children


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