Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – October 20

Reformation: A Visual Timeline

A good way to get acquainted with the Reformation!

Sola Scripture: A Scripture-Alone Life

“God is glorious. Heaven is his footstool. Yet, the kind of person God gives his loving attention to is one who trembles at his Word. “Tremble.” Why “tremble”? Why not read the Bible like the newspaper? Because “the grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” (Isaiah 40:8) Or we could put it this way, The New York Times withers and Oprah’s Book Club will fade away. One million books are published every year. The Library of Congress has 16 million books. It is the storehouse of all the wisdom of man down through the ages. All of it will wither, fade, and burn. But the smallest thing God has said will last forever….”

Best Place to Give Up Grumbling

“A loss of gratitude is a loss of sight. You know the feeling: you can’t see past today or beyond yourself, and the immediate burdens are more than you can bear. The week is busy, and your world consists only of what’s right in front of you. But then Sunday comes. The best place to address your ingratitude is your local church. These weekly worship services — gatherings of the grateful — train us to see things rightly. How does worship address our ingratitude? If a lack of thankfulness is the result of spiraling into ourselves, then corporate worship spins us out in the opposite direction…”

Where We Can Go To See Signs And Wonders

“God may work wonders whenever and wherever he chooses, but we expect to find his wonder-working power where he has promised to meet us….”


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