Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – September 22

Holiness Is A Race, Not A Prohibition

“The Christian life is not intended to operate on a minimalist ethic — on prohibitions — don’t touch that, don’t do this, avoid that. Success in the Christian life is not merely a matter of avoiding sin, yet we often make it into a life of exclusions….”

What To Do If You’re Chronically Frustrated At Church

“The deeply ingrained nature of consumerism tells us to never settle for what we have but always to strive for more and better. And so we live in a constant state of glass-half-empty unsettledness, hyperaware of what could be a better fit for us, what might make us happier and more comfortable. This attitude is everywhere, including in our churches. Most of us can relate to feeling unsettled and a bit disgruntled in our churches….”

Two Ways To Know You Are Saved

“The point is not the prayer you prayed, but the present posture your heart is in….”

5 Marks Of A Contented Heart

“Through the gospel, God lovingly accomplishes and applies redemption for people who have sought happiness in something other than him. Humanity has all turned aside and served the creation rather than the Creator. Instead of leaving us hungry and hurting in our rebellion, God acts. He pursues us. He comes after us. And to what end? It is so that through this gracious rescue we might find ourselves agreeing with him about his all-surpassing supremacy and sufficiency. Through the gospel, God makes himself our treasure. In other words, God makes us content in him. We know that this contentment is not simply idealistic but rather characteristic of the Christian life. As believers, we continue to learn contentment by learning to trust and treasure God in every situation. God has provided us with the Bible and the church to be the means by which we work this out in our lives….”


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