Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – September 29

What Do You Really Love?

“What do you really want? What are you dreaming about having? What’s fueling your hope for the future? What’s capturing your attention most? What are you focusing your reading on? What are you searching the internet for? What are you spending your time and money on? What are you making plans to pursue? Or we could ask it negatively: What desired person or thing is fueling your depression and cynicism, because as much as you want him or her or it, they seem unattainable? What are you seeking? Your answers will tell you what you love….”

Dying Away Of Cultural Christianity

“The number of people in the US who call themselves Christians is shrinking. And that’s a good thing….”

The Lord Is Never Late

“In my pained estimation in those dark days, the Lord was moving much too slowly, but I knew in that moment that he is not slow in keeping his promises (2 Pet. 3:9). He was holding me all along, and his reviving word came right on time. I pray I will remember this in dark days to come….”

Always Looking; Never Wanting To Find

“Here’s something I’ve noticed: It’s cool to search for God, but uncool to find him. People talk about wanting to find spiritual reality and deeper meaning, about wanting to get in touch with God. The idea of looking for him sounds good—the search, the journey—but the reality of actually finding him is too much….”


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