Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – September 8

What Is God Saying To Us?

“Harvey and Irma may go down as the Bonnie and Clyde of tropical hurricanes. My extended family in Texas suffered great loss from the latter (though all of their lives were spared, by God’s grace), and now my immediate and church family in Florida are preparing for the onslaught of the former, which as I type is a Category 5 and headed straight toward us. So both storms have occupied many of my thoughts the last two weeks. Understandably, people are trying to make sense of these devastating natural disasters. “What is God saying to us?” is the question of the hour. Many of the responses are less than satisfying. Some are extremely unhelpful. As I have listened to these suggestions, Martin Luther’s wise counsel keeps ringing in my ears; “Let the man who would hear God speak, read holy Scripture….”

How To Get Unbelievers To Come To Church

“When they visit, unbelievers aren’t usually motivated by the reasons churches think they are….”

If All My Sins Are Forgiven, Why Must I Continue To Repent?

“It’s an understandable question: If we’re justified by faith and forgiven all our sins—past, present, and future—then why is it necessary to continue seeking forgiveness? Aren’t our sins already forgiven? There are at least three biblical truths that must be kept together simultaneously…”

Confidence In God When You Don’t Understand

“Trust God’s heart when you cannot trace God’s hand.” Have you ever heard this statement before? Have you ever said it before What does it mean in terms of real-world faith? Job can help us answer these questions….”


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