Well Tried

“Your promise is well tried,
and your servant loves it.” Psalm 119.140

The psalmist continues this stanza that sings of the righteousness of God’s Word. Here, he points to the fact that the promises of God are well tried—that is they have been tested. They have been put through the fire of the ages and come out pure, undefiled in any way. God’s promises are sure; they are true; they are pure.

Because of that, the psalmist loves God’s Word. The Word of God is worthy of his highest affections, so he willingly offers that affection.

We would do well to dwell on the truth the poet sings of in this verse. The Scripture provides an overwhelming testimony of the covenant faithfulness of God. His promises have proven true time and again—despite mankind’s comparative fickleness. If we think about it, our own lives reveal countless stories that testify to God’s goodness and faithfulness. God is true. His Word is true. Therefore, we should love his Word. 

When is the last time you set aside time to simply dwell on God’s faithfulness to his promises? How does that meditation encourage your love for God’s Word? How does God’s righteousness and faithfulness affect your affections?

Heavenly Lord, your faithfulness is unmatched. All of your promises are true. Your Word is well tried and without any blemish. Set this truth deep in our thinking, that our love for your Word may grow. Amen.

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