When Darkness Sets In

“At midnight I rise to praise you,
because of your righteous rules.” Psalm 119.62

Where do you turn when darkness sets in?

In psalm 119.61, the psalmist spoke of the wicked having him in a snare. He spoke of his commitment to remember the Word of God in such trying times. In this verse, he drives that point home. At midnight—that time of day when evil and wickedness seem to abound—he rises. But he does not rise to shore up his defenses. He’s not rising out of fear of his enemies. Instead, he rises to praise God.

In times of darkness, those times in your life when trials seem to abound, do you find it difficult to rest? Do you find it hard to sleep because of worry, anxiety, and fear?

If so, take a lesson from the psalmist and turn to praise instead. Learn to find comfort in the Word of God. The psalmist rises in praise rather than in worry because of the righteous rules of God. This is another expression of the comfort he finds in the Word of God. It’s also another example to us. This verse highlights the blessings of having our minds and hearts filled with the truth of Scripture. When God’s Word is the anchor of our lives, we’re not tossed about by fear and anxiety. Instead, we rise and praise the Lord.

Again, where do you turn when darkness sets in? How does God’s Word bring you comfort in times of trial and distress? How are you implanting Scripture’s truth in your mind and heart during times of peace, so that you’ll be ready during times of trial?

Gracious God, our strong Defense. May we rise in the night and praise you, for we find our confidence in you. We take refuge in you and your righteous rules. May our lives ring out with praise at all times. Amen.

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