When Despair Deepens

“How long must your servant endure?
When will you judge those who persecute me?” Psalm 119.84

As the psalmist sinks further into his dismay, he sinks further into his dependence on the Lord for vindication. He expressed this dependence in the previous stanza (78), and he deepens that expression here. He’s unsure how much longer he can make it win his current state (see the old wine skin mentioned in 83). Still, his hope is in the Lord. He continues to look to the Lord and his word for justice. 

Now, as we’ve worked our way through this psalm, we’ve seen this theme repeated. Every time he has returned to this idea, the depths of his need has grown. The attacks and persecution have seemed more severe. But notice, his longing for the Lord has also grown. He’s become more passionate in his pleas unto the Lord, not more distant.

In this, the poet models for us a deep commitment to God and his word. The longer we linger in trial and distress, the more we should cling to the Lord, the deeper our longing for him should be.

Friend, when your trials persist, are you prone to draw nearer to the Lord? Or do you tend towards increasing discouragement? Take some time to confess your dependence on the Lord and your trust in his righteous judgment.

Gracious Lord, you are good, and your judgment is true. May we ever trust in you. Strengthen us, dear Father, when we are weak, when our faith wavers. Deepen our commitment to you and your word. Help us to endure faithfully through trials. Amen.

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