Divine Wisdom Over Earthly Education

“I have more understanding than all my teachers,
for your testimonies are my meditation.” Psalm 119.99

In the verse that we considered yesterday, the psalmist noted the supremacy of Scripture’s wisdom in contrast to that of his enemies. Here, he offers a contrast with his teachers—with the finest human educators. He’s shown the supremacy of godly wisdom to a bad example; now, he adds to our understanding by comparing it to a good example.

Again, his point is clear. God’s wisdom is supreme. He has more understanding than his earthly teaching because he has a divine source of wisdom—God’s word. He has greater understanding because he has a greater source of understanding.

Notice also, he also reinforces for us the means by which that wisdom is imparted. He has more understanding than his teachers because he meditates upon God’s testimonies. Rejecting worldly wisdom is important, but it is not enough. We must embrace the testimonies of God. We must meditate on his word, that our minds and hearts may be filled with a godly understanding, with divine wisdom.

How have you rejected the world’s wisdom? In what ways are you endeavoring to fill your mind and heart with biblical truth? Spend some time meditating on the truth of God and its supremacy to all forms of worldly wisdom.

Our great God, fill our minds and hearts with your word. Grant us, by your mercy and grace, to understand and embrace your truth. Give us a deeper understanding of your precepts, your testimonies, your word. Amen.

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