Grace Under Attack

“Even though princes sit plotting against me,
your servant will meditate on your statutes.” Psalm 119.23

The psalmist continues to extol the Word of God by continuing to show its power in the life of believers who wander as strangers in this dark, dying world. In the previous verse, he spoke of how the Word rebukes the insolent, accursed ones. Now he speaks of the Scripture as the faithful man’s sure defense.

His enemies are great—the princes of the earth. These enemies are plotting against him. Still, He is not afraid. He answers the vain plotting of worldly, evil forces with deeper devotion to God’s Word.

When you are under attack, when it feels like the highest forces of evil have aligned against you, how do you respond? Here, the psalmist models for us a faithful response: further delighting in the truth of God’s Word. His truth, his righteous judgments, his statutes—these are a sure defense in times of trouble. They provide a shield of refuge for the citizen of heaven living in this strange land. May we ever find refuge in biblical truth, whatever trials and attacks come our way.

How are you taking refuge in God’s Word? When you face attack from the forces of evil in this fallen world, how often do you turn to faithful meditation on statutes of God?

Father, you know our trials, you know the source of every attack we face. May we find refuge in your statutes. May we meditate on your truth, finding in it wisdom for the dangers we face. Amen.

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