Light in Darkness

“Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.” Psalm 119.105

In a world filled with street lights, big cities, and seemingly inescapable light pollution, it may be difficult for us to understand the depth of the poet’s illustration. In the ancient world, walking at night would surely lead to stumbling without the aid of a lamp. The psalmist uses that earthly truth to illustrate the spiritual benefit he finds in God’s word.

Living in a sin-darkened world, we are sure to stumble and fall into danger apart from the true, steady light of God’s word. The psalmist, in one of the most familiar verses of this psalm, extolls the light of wisdom and protection he finds in God’s word. But friend, don’t let your familiarity with this verse keep your from meditating afresh on its truth.

Our reliance on biblical truth must be deep. We must remember the danger that awaits us in the spiritual darkness that surrounds us. We cannot naively venture out into the world without the light of God to light our paths.

How well do you understand the danger of this world’s spiritual darkness? In what ways are you seeking light and guidance from Scripture? How often do you meditate on the truth of God’s word and the grace of the Lord in guiding your steps?

God of wisdom and truth, your word is light. Teach us, O Lord, to walk in your truth. May we ever remember our dependence upon you and your word, to protect us, guide us, keep us from stumbling. Amen.

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