Longing for Salvation

“Let your steadfast love come to me, O Lord,
your salvation according to your promise;” Psalm 119.41

The psalmist opens a new stanza with this verse. These eight verses ring out with the love and fear of the psalmist. He has expressed his longings as a wanderer in a fallen world (25-32). Then, he expressed his dependence as a weak, frail, sinful man (33-40). As the psalmist continues to extol the Lord and his Word, he cries out for the Lord’s mercy, for his steadfast love.

“Steadfast love” is the ESV’s way of translating one of the most profound concepts in Scripture. It speaks of God’s loyal love, his covenant faithfulness, his lovingkindness. As a loyal follower, one who recognizes his own weakness, the psalmist knows well his need for this steadfast love.

He has nothing apart from the loyal love of God. He is hopeless apart from God’s covenant faithfulness. Yet, covered by the love of God, he has salvation. This salvation is only found in the steadfast love and promises of God. Salvation is the pinnacle of God’s love, and it is found in the promises recorded in his Word. Salvation cannot be found according to any other means.

Have you recognized your need for salvation? What are you relying on for that salvation? How do you recognize your need for and appreciation of the steadfast, loyal, covenant love of God?

Our Father in heaven, may we never lose sight of your steadfast love. Give us, O Lord, a deeper understanding of your covenant faithfulness, of your loyal love. Restore unto us the joy of our salvation, that we my worship you, the God of love. Amen.

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