Loving the Law

“Oh how I love your law!
It is my meditation all the day.” Psalm 119.97

Dwell on this verse for a minute, and simply ask yourself—is this true of me?

This theme of delighting in and loving the law of God is seen throughout Psalm 119. The poet repeatedly exclaims his love or devotion to God’s word. He isn’t subtle. There is no worry of being repetitive, even redundant. It’s as though he’s saying, “I love God’s law, and I don’t care who knows it!”

Do you share that kind of utter infatuation with the word of God? Do you have a whole-hearted love for the testimonies and precepts of God—one that spills out of you in your words and actions?

If we are to live according to God’s truth, to hold fast to his word in a dark and dying world, we must love God’s word. It must be our meditation all of the day. His testimonies must captivate our attention. His prescriptions for our life must be our delight. God’s word reveals him to us—his righteousness, lovingkindness, holiness, mercy, and grace. If we love him, we will love his word.

So, again I implore you. Think on this verse for a bit. Examine your heart, and ask yourself if this verse describes you.

Heavenly Father, by your grace and for the sake of your great name, cultivate in us a love for your law. Cause us to meditate on it day and night, that our love may grow and our faith may be strengthened. Amen.

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