Praying Expectantly

“My eyes long for your salvation
and for the fulfillment of your righteous promise.” Psalm 119.123

The writer offer his prayer to the Lord many times through this psalm. In the previous verse, he prayed specifically for a pledge for the Lord. He asked for the Lord to assure his success over those who would oppress him. Having offered that prayer, this verse shows us the poet’s expectation of God’s answer.

The psalmist looks for the Lord to to show himself. He looks for salvation. He looks longingly to see how the Lord will fulfill his promises. This is a picture of faithful expectation. And, it’s an expectation produced by a thorough understanding of the promises of God that are revealed in his word.

We ought to live with this kind of expectancy. Our eyes ought to look longingly for the Lord and his salvation. This is only possible when we are steeped in the truth of God’s word and the promises he has revealed therein. We must read them, study them, meditate upon them, plant them deep in our minds and hearts. When we know well the promises of God, we can look expectantly for them to be fulfilled.

In what ways are you expectant after you pray? How do you look for the Lord to answer your prayers? How often do you meditate on his promises and let them encourage your expectancy?

Dearest Lord, you are faithful and true. Every one of your promises come to pass, for your yes is always yes, and your no is always no. We praise you Lord, and we wait expectantly for you to fulfill all your promises. Amen.

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