Pure Desperation

“With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord!
I will keep your statutes.” Psalm 119.145

Few things picture desperation like the cry of an infant. Incapable of doing anything else—unable to give even the slightest effort in providing for himself—the baby cries out for its mother. It’s one of the sweetest sounds in the world, the cry of pure longing that a baby has for his mom.

That’s what the psalmist does in this verse. He recognizes his complete need for the Lord to provide for him. He is incapable of anything on his own, so he cries out with his whole heart. And, he begs the Lord for an answer, like a baby yearning for milk.

The poet longs to keep the commandments of the Lord, knowing their perfect righteousness. Still, he knows that he is incapable of fulfilling his own desires, so he calls out to God. May we take time to realize our dependence. Oh that we would call out to the Lord in such pure desperation.

How deep is your desperation for God? Do you long for him as though your very life depends on him? Because it does! When is the last time you simply called out for God, expressing your devotion to his Word and dependence on him?

Heavenly Father, we are desperate for you. Teach us to cry out to you from the depths of our heart. Teach us to love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Renew our commitment to keeping your Word, O Lord. Strengthen our faith. Amen.

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