Salvation and Devotion

“I am yours; save me,
for I have sought your precepts.” Psalm 119.94

The great Charles Spurgeon describes this verse as, “A comprehensive prayer with a prevailing argument. Consecration is a good plea for preservation.” He goes on to say, “If we are conscious that we are the Lord’s we may be confident that he will save us. We are the Lord’s by creation, election, redemption, surrender, and acceptance; and hence our firm hope and assured belief that he will save us.”

What glorious meditation this is! The psalmist knows that he is the Lord’s. Who else would he appeal to for preservation, for salvation? Who else’s precepts would he commit to seeking? He does not belong to the world, so he’s not devoted to the things of the world. The world cannot save him, so he does not delight in the world’s precepts.

We are the Lord’s. He alone can save and preserve us. That should drive us to seek him and his prescriptions for our lives. The world—and it’s prescriptions for happiness, fulfillment, and life—can do nothing for us.

How are you following the world’s prescriptions for your life? In what ways does your life reflect the joy of salvation? How does your salvation drive your commitment to God’s precepts?

Gracious God and King, we have no life apart from your grace. Thank you, dear Lord, for saving us, for granting us life. Thank you for giving us all we need for life and godliness in your revealed word. Stir in us a greater devotion to you and your precepts—for the glory of your great name. Amen.

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