Seeing God’s Steadfast Love

“The earth, O Lord, is full of your steadfast love;
teach me your statutes!” Psalm 119.64

The psalmist began this stanza with an expression of dependence and devotion, exclaiming that the Lord was his portion (57). Here, he brings this stanza to a close with a similar expression of devotion and dependence.

The poet is wholly aware of the abundant mercies of the Lord. He sees evidence of God’s steadfast love throughout the world.

Now, stop and think about your view of the world for a minute. It’s certainly not difficult to see all that is wrong in the world. But how often do you take time to notice and praise the Lord for all of the examples of his steadfast love that you see all around you? How often do you praise God for his work in creation? His common grace to mankind? His patience with humanity? The way He is building his church? Gospel progress around the globe?

As the psalmist recognizes God’s goodness, his abundant mercies, he again expresses his dependence to know, understand, and apply the truth of God. We too, as we see the Lord’s Work, ought to desire more of him. We ought to yearn for a greater understanding of His greatness, of his revelations, and of his steadfast love.

Loving Lord, your mercies abound. Teach us, O Father, to see your lovingkindness all around us. Help us to see the evidence of your steadfast love in the world. As you do, cause our hearts to leap with worship of you, our great God. Amen.

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