Sermon Preview – Week of May 29

The preaching text for Sunday will be John 14:1-14. We are still in the upper room where Jesus is preparing his disciples for what’s coming, what life will be like without his physical presence with them every day. The whole scene is filled with “trouble”, Jesus is troubled meaning he is inwardly agitated or unsettled. Also, apparently the disciples are troubled because Jesus says, “Let not your hearts be troubled”. It makes sense that they would be troubled, I think we all understand what it’s like to be anxious about the future, especially when it seems like things aren’t going to go well for us. From everything Jesus is saying, it could seem like things aren’t going to be going well for the disciples and the cause of Jesus. Now, from an earthly perspective it may look and feel that way, but these verses actually teach us that in Christ we don’t have to fear. These are some of the most comforting words that we can hear because just like the disciples we live in a world tainted with sin, where humanity rages against God, the things of God and the people of God. Often times we are faced with uncertainties that tempt us to fear, anxiety and worry. In those moments what is our hope? Where do we turn when we are fearful? What confidence do we have that there is an answer to our fear? May the Word of God be our light and lamp, may it be our rebuke and correction, may it be our hope and healing and may it lead us to Christ who is our rock and salvation!

Sermon Title: “Comfort For The Troubled Heart”

Sermon Text: John 14:1-14

Meditation Passage: Isaiah 40:1-8

Call To Worship: Psalm 95:1-6

Benediction: Hebrews 13:20-21

Songs For Sunday:

Praise To The Lord The Almighty

Holy, Holy, Holy

I Will Glory In My Redeemer

Here Is Love

In Christ Alone


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