Spiritual Battle

“They draw near who persecute me with evil purpose;
they are far from your law.” Psalm 119.150

The poetry in this verse is stunning in beauty. The psalmist has mentioned his enemies many times. He has called unto the Lord for protection. This verse gives full attention to the enemies, describing them with brilliant poetic contrast.

His enemies are near. Their pursuit of him is gaining ground. They surround him and lob their attacks against his character. Their purpose is steeped in evil. In contrast, his enemies are far. They are far rom the law of God. This is why they are his enemies. They have rejected the law of God, rejected his revelation, rejected his guidelines for just and godly living.

This is a helpful perspective. His enemies are his enemies because of their relationship to God and his revelation, not primarily because of their relationship to him. The threat is personal to him, but he doesn’t take it personally. He sees the spiritual root of it. We would do well to remember this. Let us remember that our battles are not primarily physical, but spiritual.

How do you respond to your enemies, to those who reject God’s law in the way that they treat you? Remember their spiritual state, and allow that to drive your compassion (such were some of you) and approach to the battle. Our enemies are spiritual. Let’s fight the battle spiritually, with God’s Word.

Heavenly Father, our enemies are closing in. They have rejected you, your free offer of grace, and your law of love. Give us strength for the battle Lord. Arm us with the sword of your Word. Amen.

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